Headlight Restoration

Connecticut Headlight Restoration

Foggy, dirty, unclear headlight lenses compared to clear, crisp headlights, it’s a NIGHT & DAY Difference!

Headlight Lens Restoration Services

Ever have trouble seeing at night? Does the wear on you headlights make your vehicle look older than it really is? Try our headlight restoration process today! We will take your oxidized headlights from old to new in no time.

Restore Headlights

Add To Any Detail Package

  • $50.00 Includes both lights

Stand Alone Appointment

  • $100.00 both lights

Single Lens Restoration

  • $35 With A Detail
  • $60 Without A Detail

Vehicle Benefits

  • Safer Driving
  • Improve the look
  • Improve the value
  • Cheaper than replacements

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